Write what *Matters*

One of those little writing axioms (and admittedly a reasonably good one) is “Write what you know.”

One might know a lot about a lot of things–music, movies, woodcarving, sculpting, wine, biology, computer games, etc.

But, maybe it’s not about what one knows, but rather, about what matters to one.

The writer should *know* about the inner workings of a vineyard and wine-making, of course, if the characters and plot demand such accuracy and passion. But that knowledge, knowing the many facets of that business are not what drives the story.

The story may center on a romance, or on revenge, or…you get the idea.

The *knowledge* at hand is not driving the story. Knowledge of the vines is not at the wheel.

The story that needs to be told, is. That is not knowledge.

That, dear reader, is the Passion of the Writer.

Hold to that passion, dear writer.

Write what *Matters* to you.




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