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I #amwriting. I am writing #historicalfiction. My historical fiction is set in the ancient world-in ancient Rome specifically. In part this writing is a labor of love (and because I think I am good at it) but also it is a salute and honor to my ancestors of the Italian mainland and in Sardinia.

Some teasers as to what I am writing, in a reverse chronological order:

The Heart of Busa (wt): Sabina Busa makes a heartbreaking journey from Sicily to Sardinia and finally finds a home in Apulia in south-central Italy. She loves and is loved by two quite different men. Eventually she marries a third man, and becomes his wealthy widow. When Hannibal’s army ravages Italy from north to south, devastating the Roman legions along the way, Busa is faced with difficult choices, any of which may leave her heart bleeding.

My Life to Rome (wt): Since childhood, Malco and Eligia are certain the gods fated them to be together in Sicily. Invaders brought war and they sail away to other lands until misunderstandings and circumstances forced them apart. Malco became a mercenary soldier, fighting for anyone who paid well. Eligia survived cruel slavery and harsh servitude. It will take a dangerous rebellion and a secret mission into Iberia and then to Rome, to bring them together.

Bound for Rome’s Honor (wt): When Marcella’s father finally found the courage to speak out against the intolerable actions of King Tarquinius, he is executed as a traitor. She is saved only because of her friendship with noble women. Her married friend Lucretia’s affair with Tarquin’s son Sextus ends with death and revolution.  Etruscan king Lars Porsenna invades and conquers Rome and takes hostages, including Marcella and her friends Cloelia and Valeria. Marcella faces a choice that might win back her family honor but can she pay the price.

Romulus, Wolf who Founded Rome: Romulus wanted to serve the gods, Remus wanted to be king of Rome. When Remus dies, Romulus reluctantly becomes warrior king. He marries a beautiful woman. Romulus wanted peace with other cities but when they invade his land, he goes to war. By the favors of the gods (which they show through signs and his many victories) he brings back rich spoils and is acclaimed by many in Rome. But when he learns that the noblemen of Rome want to kill him, he is faced with a heartbreaking and painful choice.


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