The Rome of Romulus

The story of Romulus is history and myth, myth and legend. Romulus and other people named in his story may, or may not, have existed. The events written about in his story may, or may not, have happened.

Two elements of the story of Romulus are important.

The Geography of Italy and Geography of Rome matter. The Tiber and its tributary the Anio served as transport and barriers. The seven hills provided protection and danger. The plains became assembly areas and centers of commerce. Some of the surrounding cities were allies; some became enemies, and some of those then became the first Roman colonies. Some of these cities still exist in some form today or are at least known through archaeological work.

Politics of Romulus is also a clear element in this story. The founding and beginning of Rome involved more than just an abduction and some wars. Romulus had to learn, and display, the politics of attempted alliances, seeking justice for grievances, tolerating a ruling partner, setting forth laws, waging war or organizing peace.

Geography and Politics should be familiar. They are two elements of our 21st-century world that bind us close to the Land of Romulus. Future posts will share some research and some ideas on these subjects as they relate to the Founding of Rome.

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