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I was born in Sardinia and adopted as a naturalized citizen in the US. I am married more than 35 years, with two amazing sons. I read voraciously: mysteries, science fiction, but especially history. With my adventurous family I have visited Pompeii, Chichen Itza in Mexico, the Mesa Verde pueblos in Colorado, the Pyramids and temples of Egypt, the Parthenon, Knossos in Crete and Akrotiri/Thera on Santorini.

My love of science fiction impelled me to submit four short stories in 1994-5, which were published in Daw Books anthologies. My passion for history turned me toward researching the Roman Republic and Empire, and Medieval and Renaissance Italy. My first historical fiction short story was published-2013- in an independent press anthology entitled HerStory.

My current novels-in-progress are set during the Early to middle Roman Republic.

Redemption and Honor in Rome tells of Saphina Ramuth, a woman from Caere. She journeys from Caere to Sardinia to ancient Rome, and slowly unravels a trail of conspiracies and betrayals. Once in Rome, Saphina must tread carefully through dangerous waters to preserve her life, save her new nation, and perhaps, build a new life with a man who may be worthy of her trust.

Valeria’s Choice is a story of Valeria Publicola, according to Plutarch a daughter of one of the rebels against Rome’s last king. With her friends Cloelia and Saphina (the latter from Redemption), Valeria is faced with a choice-for Honor or her Heart. Could she possibly have both?

Nisba’s Vengeance is set in Sardinia during the so-called Mercenary War. When Carthaginian mercenaries stationed there rebelled they went on a killing spree through the island. Nisba’s village, family and friends were amongst those destroyed. She seeks vengeance against the man she believes is leading the killing spree-a man she was once to have married.

Sestia’s Battles occurs just after Hannibal’s victory at Cannae against the Roman legions, but it takes place in Sardinia, which has been a Roman province for twenty years. Sestia has believed herself to be a Roman woman. When Sardinian nobles embark on a rebellion against Rome, she is torn between a Roman she loves and loyalty to the Sardu people.

These and future novels are grounded in years of research I have undertaken on the history of Sardinia (from Carthaginian control through its Medieval Judicate Kingdoms, Rome, the Wars between Rome and Carthage, and the Medieval Duchies of Italy.

You can reach me at parsonsmarieA@gmail.com, on twitter at @MAntoniaP, and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MarieAntoniaParsons.Author.

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