About me


I was born in Sardinia, Italy, adopted and grew up in the US. Married 36+ years, with two amazing sons and two darling daughters-in-law.  At various times we have visited Pompeii, Chichen Itza, the Pyramids and temples of Egypt, Knossos in Crete and Akrotiri/Thera on Santorini.

I read mysteries, romance and science fiction.  In 1994-5 my three short scifi stories were published in Daw Books anthologies.

In the following decades my passion and focus has been the ancient history of Italy and Sardinia-in both non-fiction and fiction. I have been researching and writing a multi-volume synthesis of the history of Sardinia, from pre-Bronze Age through post-Renaissance.

I have one short historical fiction story published in a small-press special anthology titled HerStory-celebrating women’s history month, in 2013. I will be publishing my own anthology of HF short stories, set in the centuries of Rome’s founding and monarchy.

My novels-in-progress, all part of the series She-Wolves of Early Rome, are also set in these early years:

Hersilia Queen of Rome tells the story of Rome’s Founding by Romulus, through the eyes of his wife Hersilia.

Valeria: Heart and Honor tells the story of Valeria Publicola, patrician of Rome forced to navigate the tense political changes brought about by her friend’s suicide, a subsequent coup overthrowing Rome’s last king, and Rome’s conquest by a neighboring king.

Safinia: Honor’s Redeeming. Safinia Ramuth desperately seeks to appease gods and men for the evil deeds of her father. Sent from Caere as an envoy between her king and Rome, she is confronted by conspiracies, betrayals, what is true evil, and what price her own honor, and life, may cost.

Nisba’s Vengeance is set in Sardinia between the first two Punic Wars, during the Sardinia’s Mercenary War. Mercenaries garrisoned on the island rebel and ravage people and property. Nisba’s village, family and friends are brutally murdered and only chance spared her life. Her life then becomes a search for vengeance against the leader of killing spree-a man she had once hoped to marry.

Sestia’s Battles is set in the Roman province of Sardinia, at the time of Hannibal’s victory at Cannae against Rome’s legions. When Sardinian landowners and mountain fighters embark on a rebellion against Rome, Sestia must fight with both heart and mind between her love for a Roman commander and loyalty to the Sardu people.

You can reach me at parsonsmarieA@gmail.com, on twitter at @MAntoniaP, and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MarieAntoniaParsons.Author.

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